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As a business owner, you know that you need to understand your financial information better than anyone else. One way to assure that will occur is to continually improve your knowledge through professional tools. InCharge! the Business Owner’s Crash Course in Financial Management is a tool designed to help you reap the benefits of your computerized accounting system.

Using realistic examples, InCharge! will help you unlock the mystery of your financial statements. It will help you interpret and use the data provided by your accounting system. After completing the program, you’ll have the confidence and understanding necessary to make critical business decisions.

InCharge!™ includes a brief review of basic accounting concepts, and discussions of how to get the most from your important relationships with your CPA, bookkeeper and banker. There’s a detailed section on interpreting financial statements, including many interactive examples of how to calculate financial ratios. There’s also a section on using your accounting system and related tools to produce the information you need to manage your business.

Major Training Areas Include:

• Accounting Fundamentals
• Interpreting Financial
• What to Expect from Your
Accounting Software
• Working with Your CPA and
Your Bookkeeper
• Working with Your Banker
• Glossary

Partial List of Topics Covered:

• Inventory Valuation Methods
• Depreciation Methods
• Internal Controls
• Financial vs. Management Acctg
• Bookkeepers’ Major Complaints
• What Bankers are Looking For
• Understanding Cash Flow
• Calculating Ratios
• Basic Accounting Terminology
• Using Reporting Tools
• Interpreting Financial Data
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