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TakeCharge!™ The Bookkeeper's Crash Course in Accounting is an interactive CD program designed to each accounting principles and concepts to people who are already involved in the day to day bookkeeping for a business.

Bookkeepers are largely self-taught with few resources to call on when they encounter frustrating accounting questions. After completing the program, users will have increased confidence and understanding. They'll know when, where and how to add accounts to the chart of accounts. They'll be able to find and correct their own bookkeeping errors. They'll know how to review the financials produced by the accounting system before presenting them to management.

TakeCharge!™ also provides a checklist of topics to be discussed with their accountant. After completing the program, the user will be better prepared to implement their accountant's suggestions.

TakeCharge!™ also includes reference materials - a glossary, comprehensive chart of accounts with explanations, and answers to many common bookkeeping questions.

TakeCharge!™ presents accounting information in an engaging fashion, with several narrators discussing the examples presented on screen. Lines and circles appear to draw the user's attention to the figures bing discussed.

Sprinkled throughout the program are opportunities for the user to reinforce their understanding of the material as it's presented.

Major Training Areas Include:

Introduction to Financial
Principles and Concepts
Chart of Accounts
Review for Reasonableness
Frequently Asked Questions
Partial List of Topics Covered:

Basic Financial Statement Formats
The Accounting Equation
Structure of the Chart of Accounts
Adding Accounts to the Chart
of Accounts
Debits and Credits
Using T-Accounts
Reviewing Balance Sheet Accounts
Correcting Coding Errors
Use of Trend Statements
Period End Processing
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